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Building a Safer Future Together

Known Consulting in St Kilda provides top-notch services to the construction industry, specializing in cutting-edge construction robots like the Concrete Smoothing Robot, Concrete Pavement Troweling Robot, Spraying & Grinding Integrated Robot, and Tile Setting Robot. Let's build a future that is safer and better with Known Consulting.

Our Services

A fully autonomous excavator tracks to the next digging location.

Robot Rental& Operation onsite

Enhancing the capabilities of construction robots with advanced upgrades and innovative enhancements for improved performance.
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Consulting & Design Services

Providing expert consulting services to help construction businesses build a safer and better future with innovative solutions.

Training & Support

Offering comprehensive training programs and ongoing support to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of construction robots.

Building a safer & better future with top-notch service!

Experience the future of construction with our innovative robots!

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