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Welcome to Explomet, the leading detonating velocity measuring system Our innovative technology allows you to check the detonation and combustion speed of products to meet desired standards. With Explomet, you can ensure precise measurements, avoid timing errors, and achieve optimal results in rock fragmentation, propulsion speed, and detonator delays.

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Detonating Velocity Measuring System: VOD

Explomet™ Measure the detonation and/or combustion speed VOD of products to meet desired standards.

In simple words: high precision, user friendly, reliable and solid.

Detonator Delay Verification

Verify the accuracy of detonator delays, shock tube speed, detonating cord, and more. Precise measurements avoid timing errors and ensure synchronization of explosions.

Blast Design and Optimization

Develop customized blast designs and optimize explosive usage to maximize efficiency, reduce costs, and minimize environmental impact.

Explosive Testing and Analysis

Conduct comprehensive testing and analysis of explosives to assess their performance, safety, and compliance with regulatory standards.

Ignite innovation with precision.

Experience the power of our detonating velocity measuring system! Explomet™

Since 1936 serving the explosives industry.


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