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AI-Powered Media Solutions

Fast media results, transcriptions in any language, summaries, word clouds, quote cards, and templates designed with AI.

What you get

AI-Powered Fast Media Results

Get quick media results on forums, summits, conferences, and sessions using AI technology.

Simultaneous Management of 20 Sessions

Efficiently manage and support 20 sessions at once using artificial intelligence.

Summaries with Key Findings

Summarize key findings, problems, and solutions with supporting quotes from your sessions.

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Why us

At Kurz Media, we pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled transcription and session support services that set industry standards. Here are a few compelling reasons to partner with us:

  • Accuracy You Can Trust: We maintain a minimal error rate in our transcriptions, ensuring that every word counts. With our advanced technology and skilled linguists, we capture your sessions with near-perfect accuracy.

  • Exceptional Speed: Time is of the essence, and our services are designed to keep pace with your needs. A 90-minute session is transcribed in just three minutes, making us one of the fastest in the industry.

  • Immediate Summary and Quotes: Within 15 minutes of your session's conclusion, we provide comprehensive summaries with key quotations. Additionally, our visually appealing quote cards are ready in the same timeframe, perfect for immediate distribution across all media platforms.

Choose Kurz Media for session support that’s as reliable as it is rapid.

Empowering media with AI for insightful results, summaries, and quotes!

Unleash the power of AI in media today!

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