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Bulk Orders

We offer special discounts and customized solutions for bulk clothing orders, catering to businesses, events, and organizations.
Corfu is absolutely romantic and calm in the evenings, especially next to the sea. Few days ago me and my husband Pete had a chance to spend an hour in Corfu Town when sun was going down and day was slowly moving to its end. It was absolutely charming and beautiful.

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Fashion Consultation

Our expert stylists will guide you through the latest fashion trends and help you create the perfect outfits for any occasion.
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Custom Clothing

Get personalized clothing tailored to your style and preferences.
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Wedding Attire

Make your special day even more memorable with our exquisite collection of wedding attire for both brides and grooms.
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Alterations and Repairs

We provide alterations and repairs for all types of clothing to ensure the perfect fit and extend the life of your garments.
Everyone who has been to Greece knows how obsessed people here are with coffee. Our favorite one is the Freddo Espresso, on a Greek Variation though. It is a Double Espresso from 100 % Arabica, which is poured on a shaker with 2-3 ice cubes and 1 or 2 spoons of black sugar and mixed on the shaker just enough to have an even more creamy and silky texture. It is served with plenty of ice cubes and can be enjoyed with a straw over time. That way it keeps us awake and with a good mood even on the most hot Summer Days and the most demanding Photo shoots.

Fashion Accessories

Complete your look with our wide range of trendy fashion accessories, including bags, belts, hats, and more.

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