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Astrology Workshops and Courses

Deepen your understanding of astrology and learn how to interpret birth charts, planetary transits, and more through engaging workshops and courses designed for all levels of astrology enthusiasts.
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Natal Chart Readings

Discover the cosmic blueprint of your life and gain insights into your personality, strengths, and challenges through a detailed analysis of your natal chart.
On our city trip to Prague we went to a library of science, geometry and astronomy from 1700. This library inspired me and one of the questions that popped in my mind was; Why did we ever change the interior, architecture, art and way of thinking about a library. This is a place where you want to learn about science, history and about the universe. I know there are still some libraries likes this and I hope they will be intact like this one.

Career and Life Path Guidance

Receive astrological guidance to help you navigate career choices, identify your true calling, and make informed decisions that align with your unique talents and life purpose.

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