Assembling the Mars rover at Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

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Lake Tekapo in New Zealand is one of the best places on Earth to see the night sky. Boy where we in for a surprise, with no clouds and sub-zero temperatures, the milky way just seemed to pop like I have never seen it before.

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After an hour of hiking, we set up our cameras at 2500m. Although we had expected to see the moon rise right above the mountains, clouds on the horizon delayed when we got our first glimpse of red light. This was my first lunar eclipse photography session and I am afraid I may have been too enthusiastic about the photography. Next time, I’ll focus more on the actual experience. Until then, the result of 90 stacked RAW files taken at around 23h35 CET will have to suffice! Note the faint stars from the original stacked file that show that even at high ISO, modern CMOS sensors have great DR!

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Moonset landscape

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