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Unlock the Power of Sports Highlights

Litemoment is your affordable solution for capturing and sharing sports video highlights. With our cutting-edge technology and easy-to-use tools, you can turn any footage into captivating moments that tell a comprehensive story. Take your sports content to the next level with Litemoment.

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man in red tank top doing water sports during daytime

Multiple Angle Recording

Record your sports events from various angles using phones or GoPro cameras, capturing every exciting moment from different perspectives.
perfectly timed shot while a man is about to lift the shuttle

Highlight Pre-Marking

Pre-mark important highlights in your sports footage before editing, ensuring that the most thrilling moments are highlighted in the final video.
Sony Camera

Video Editing and Montage

Expertly edit and montage your sports videos, adding effects, captions, music, and more to create engaging and professional-looking content.

Unlock the power of your sports moments.

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Unlock the power of sports moments.

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