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Transforming Healthcare Data with AI

CAT is a leading Healthcare AI training company based in Richmond, VA. We specialize in providing accurate and efficient annotation and labeling services for healthcare data, including text, image, video, audio, and more. Our advanced AI algorithms ensure high-quality results, enabling healthcare organizations to unlock valuable insights and improve patient outcomes.

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Doctors Examine Infant. A group of doctors examine an infant in the intensive care unit (ICU). Photographer Bill Branson

Video Data Annotation

Annotate and label healthcare videos to extract valuable insights and enable AI models to analyze patient behavior, surgical procedures, and more.
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Audio Data Annotation

Accurately transcribe and annotate medical audio recordings, such as patient consultations and medical dictations, to support AI-driven healthcare applications.
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Healthcare Data Annotation

Accurately label and annotate healthcare data to enable AI algorithms to analyze and understand medical records, images, and videos.

Empowering healthcare AI through precise data annotation and labeling.

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