One of my favorite record stores on the planet. Lots of stuff to look at and music in every form...tapes, CDs, vinyl...and stuff to play it on.

Manchester's Premier Radio Broadcasting Service

Tune in to the best radio experience in Manchester with MixFM875. We bring you the latest hits, news, and entertainment.

Our Services

Concert TUYA

Event Coverage

Provide live coverage and broadcasting services for events and special occasions.

Producer "This Past Weekend" and  "King and the Sting" podcasts, Nick Davis. Photograph by Marty O'Neill of Drastic Graphics ®

Radio Studio Rental

Rent our state-of-the-art radio studio for recording and broadcasting purposes.

man wearing headset

Advertising Solutions

Offer targeted advertising opportunities for businesses to reach a broader audience.

Tune in to the heartbeat of Manchester's airwaves!

Listen and be inspired!

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