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Bringing Joy and Support to Pacific Beach

Modern Day Santa gives back to the community and helps people that are down on their luck. Join us in spreading kindness and making a difference in Pacific Beach, California.

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I took this photograph of a group of ladies at a photo walk in NYC. It perfectly exemplified the unity that took place among photographers, models and creatives alike.

Shout out to International Women’s Day.

Homeless Outreach

Provide essential items, warm clothing, and support to individuals experiencing homelessness in our community.
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Holiday Gift Delivery

Spread joy and holiday cheer by delivering gifts to families in need during the holiday season.
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Toy Drive

Collect and distribute toys to children in need, ensuring they have a memorable and joyful holiday season.

Spreading joy and hope, one gift at a time!

Join us in making a difference today!

Connect with us and spread joy this holiday season

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