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Harness the Power of Movement

Welcome to Mvmtology, your home for holistic, sustainable, and personalized physical therapy, pelvic health therapy, and Pilates instruction. We are dedicated to nourishing your wellbeing for a lifetime through the art and science of movement. Contact us today to embark on your journey towards optimal health and vitality.

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Pelvic Health Therapy

Specialized therapy for women to address pelvic floor dysfunction, including bladder control issues, pelvic pain, and postpartum recovery.
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Postpartum Recovery

Supportive care for new moms, focusing on restoring strength and function after childbirth and addressing any pelvic floor symptoms.
Shane in bed before leaving for work Monday morning. Chemotherapy leaves Shane tired and more susceptible to the Coronavirus. Rest helps a little, though there are tummy troubles the first few days after receiving an infusion. Nutrition is also difficult right after an infusion because of the stomach pain and digestive issues. Bread, boiled rice, and ginger ale are staples during this time for Shane. The low-dose chemotherapy is aimed at getting the Crohn's Disease into remission.

Physical Therapy

Personalized physical therapy to help you recover from injuries, reduce pain, and improve your overall mobility and strength.

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