Bringing Joy Through Music Therapy

Welcome to Notes of Joy, a music therapy service based in Bethlehem, PA. We specialize in providing engaging and interactive music therapy sessions for elementary school children, promoting their emotional well-being and fostering a love for music.

Our Services

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Music Relaxation Sessions

Experience the calming and therapeutic effects of music through our relaxation sessions, designed to reduce stress and promote relaxation for children of all ages.
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Instrumental Lessons

Offer your child the opportunity to learn a musical instrument with our skilled instructors, helping them develop a lifelong love for music and fostering discipline and focus.
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Individual Music Therapy

Provide one-on-one music therapy sessions for your child, tailored to their specific needs and goals, to support their cognitive, emotional, and physical development.

Music is the key to unlock the hearts of young minds!

Experience the healing power of music. Enroll today!

Connect with us for a harmonious journey of healing and growth through music therapy.

Discover the transformative power of music for your child's emotional well-being and schedule a session today.


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