Promoting Animal Welfare, One Paw at a Time

Welcome to NPO動物愛護団体daisy_saijo. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting proper care and awareness of animal welfare, with a focus on cats. Join us in our mission to provide a warm and caring home for each rescued cat.

Our Services

I’m sure they’re alive all year long but they’re only apparent for a short while. I’m out there during that while. Just because they’re cute.

Educational Workshops

Organize educational workshops to raise awareness about animal welfare and responsible pet ownership.
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Cat Care Consultations

Provide expert consultations on cat care, including nutrition, grooming, and behavior.
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Pet Disaster Preparedness

Offer pet disaster preparedness initiatives to help pet owners protect their furry friends during emergencies.

Saving lives, one purr at a time.

Join us in making a difference for cats in need!


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