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Empowering Financial

Discover the next generation of credit cards that you can apply for directly from our app. Nudge (ナッジ) offers a simple approval process and a range of features to suit your needs, including spending control and exclusive club benefits. Join us and start enjoying a cashless lifestyle today!

Our Services

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Cashless Lifestyle Made Easy

Embrace a cashless lifestyle with Nudge. Enjoy features like overspending prevention and club benefits that make cashless living enjoyable.
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Budgeting Tools and Goal Setting

Take charge of your budget and set achievable financial goals with our comprehensive budgeting tools. Plan for the future and stay on track.
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Easy and Secure Account Setup

Get started with Nudge quickly and securely. Our simple account setup process ensures a hassle-free experience for all users.

Embrace the future of credit cards.

Apply now and experience the Nudge difference!