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OptiFeed est un outil simple et puissant qui vous permet de créer des Instructions de mélange pour l'alimentation animale en trois étapes faciles.

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Cost Optimization

We offer cost optimization strategies by recommending alternative ingredients or adjusting the ingredient ratios to minimize expenses without compromising on animal nutrition.
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Customized Mixing Instructions

We provide personalized mixing instructions for farms, tailored to the types of animals and ingredients available, ensuring optimal and cost-effective results.
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Feed Formulation Software

We provide an intuitive and user-friendly software tool that allows users to generate animal feed mixing instructions in just three simple steps, taking the guesswork out of the process.
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Instructions de mélange pour l’alimentation animale

1. Sélectionnez le type d’animal pour 2. Choisissez les ingrédients disponibles localement. 3. Indiquez les prix des ingrédients

Empower animal feed mixing with simplicity and precision.

Mix smarter, save more, succeed better in your breeding.

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