golden hour photography of body of water surrounded of trees

百合照相館 禾輋 敬請提防假冒絕無分店 Jackson Yim主理 TEL 26973862

百合照相館 禾輋 敬請提防假冒絕無分店 Jackson Yim主理 TEL 26973862 沙田禾輋商場三樓317號 #百合照相館 名校相、幼稚園面試相、小一面試相及中一面試相是百合照相館禾輋 jackson yim 攝影師最著名傑作,深受廣大面試培訓班及家長推薦。他善於與小朋友溝通,捕捉最適當一面,助你小朋友順利考進心儀理想的學校。面試相, 小學面試相, 面試相影樓, 影面試相, bb面試相, 幼稚園面試相, k1面試相, n班面試相, 面試相推介, 小朋友學生相, 入學面試相, 小學面試相, 小童面試

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From the exhibition "The Nineties: A Glossary of Migrations"


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Playing in mud and streams is the best thing. This is three of my nephews / nieces and one of my kids after some muddy fun at Mottisfont house in Hampshire. Mottisfont is well worth a visit, a fantastic old house set in beautiful gardens along the river Test.



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