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Honoring the EDSA People Power Revolution

Step into the heart of history with our website as we recount the gripping tale of the 1986 People Power Revolution in the Philippines. Experience the tension and hope of the revolution firsthand.


The Ruins

Bacolod, Negros Occidental

Educational Resources

Access educational materials and resources to learn more about the historical background and impact of the revolution.

George Floyd protests in Uptown Charlotte, 5/30/2020 (IG: @clay.banks)

Photo Gallery

View a collection of powerful images capturing key moments and emotions of the revolution.

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Inspiring Stories

Read personal accounts and stories of individuals who played a role in the EDSA People Power Revolution.

One Horsepower

Historical Articles

Explore in-depth articles on the events and significance of the 1986 EDSA People Power Revolution.

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Timeline Illustration

Follow a visual timeline illustrating the chronology of events leading to the revolution's success.

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Video Archive

Watch documentaries and footage showcasing the bravery and unity of the Filipino people during the revolution.

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