Either on our Hometown Florina (located in North Greece) or on the Island of Corfu where we live, we just love to shoot Pictures for Tamaras Blog. While Corfu give us the ability to shoot by the sea with amazing blue background full of light of the sky, Florina give us its gentle side. The humble atmosphere and Light of Florina which comes together with the calm Nature and the beautiful mountains around gives us a Romantic shoot tone especially on cloudy Evenings. 
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Your Trusted Body Shop in Le Mans

Experience quality service and expert craftsmanship at Pioget, a body shop that has been serving the community since the 1950s.

Our Services

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Frame Straightening

Our expert technicians employ advanced frame straightening techniques to restore the structural integrity of your vehicle, ensuring safety and optimal performance.
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Auto Detailing

Experience the ultimate shine with our comprehensive auto detailing services, including thorough cleaning, polishing, and protection for a showroom-worthy look.
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Dent Removal

We specialize in dent removal services, utilizing specialized tools and techniques to effectively repair dents and restore the appearance of your vehicle.

Reviving the beauty of classics.

Experience the art of automotive restoration!

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