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Handcrafted Clay Pottery for Sale

Discover our beautiful collection of handcrafted clay pots and other hand decorated pottery. Each piece is made with love and care in Norwich. Shop now and bring a touch of artisanal charm to your home.

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I followed Don Kao, a Chinese American LGBT activist, around for weeks on an assignment from New York Times photo editor James Estrin. I captured this moment of Don helping a woman fill out paperwork. It exemplifies how hands-on and willing to help Don is, especially among LGBTQ youth.

Pottery Classes

Learn the art of pottery making in our interactive and engaging pottery classes. Suitable for all skill levels.
This is what made me. This is who I am. I come from poverty, from dust, from the ground, from nothing. I was told to fear the man who came from nothing. I was told to do so because he has nothing to lose. It wasn’t until I had everything did I realize you mustn’t fear the man who has nothing to lose instead the one who has only to gain. We built towers of clay, only for those who needed the bits.

Handcrafted Clay Pots

Experience the beauty of traditional handcrafted clay pots, made with love and expertise by our skilled artisans.
Assortment of ceramic paints and tools used to decorate ceramic pottery

Pottery Painting Parties

Host a fun and creative pottery painting party with your friends or colleagues. Unleash your artistic side and take home your own masterpiece.

Handcrafted beauty for your everyday life.

Embrace the artistry. Shop now!

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