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Helping addicts find freedom

We provide compassionate support and evidence-based treatment to help individuals overcome addiction and reclaim their lives.

Our Services

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Substance Addiction Rehab

We provide comprehensive rehabilitation programs for individuals struggling with substance addiction, helping them overcome their dependencies and regain control of their lives.
Stretching like a Pro with Dr. Naeha Sareen.

Relapse Prevention Strategies

We equip individuals with effective relapse prevention strategies, empowering them to maintain sobriety and navigate the challenges of everyday life after rehab.
Shane in bed before leaving for work Monday morning. Chemotherapy leaves Shane tired and more susceptible to the Coronavirus. Rest helps a little, though there are tummy troubles the first few days after receiving an infusion. Nutrition is also difficult right after an infusion because of the stomach pain and digestive issues. Bread, boiled rice, and ginger ale are staples during this time for Shane. The low-dose chemotherapy is aimed at getting the Crohn's Disease into remission.

Behavioral Addiction Recovery

Our specialized programs are designed to address various behavioral addictions, such as gambling, gaming, and internet addiction, offering support and guidance for long-term recovery.

Recovery is possible. Life beyond addiction awaits!

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