Empowering Through Artistic Expression

Unlock your creativity with primitive prophetic artistry. Transform limitations into masterpieces.

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Artist’s Desk

Group Art Therapy Sessions

Experience the healing power of art in a supportive group setting with our art therapy sessions.
First Responders at Work

Introductory Primitive Prophetic Art Class

Join our introductory class to learn the basics of primitive prophetic art and unleash your creativity.
Oil painting hot off the easel. Mountains with bridge over a river flowing from a lake. Deep lush pine forest at the foot of snow capped mountains. It’s so long since life allowed expression of creatively in art. I liken the feeling to famine of the soul. If you are drawn to work with paints or pencils or words and at every turn of life, these passions only make the feelings stronger. Then whether you are good or bad, this pull will always help you improve and learn and share. Never give in, find time to set something down. Just for yourself freely, then, perhaps bravely for a fee.

Advanced Primitive Prophetic Art Workshop

Take your skills to the next level with our advanced workshop, tailored for experienced artists.

Empowering disabled artists to unleash creativity beyond limitations!

Join us in creating art without boundaries!



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