Generate fun—one image at a time!

Players compete by generating the funniest image based on a given category each round. Rather than drawing, players write prompts for generative AI that creates images on their behalf.

Designed for 4-to-7 players.

How to play

Gather your crew!

Prompt_ de Rèsistance requires one (1) game master and between four (4) and seven (7) players. Once the game master gains access to the Engine hosted on Hugging Face, hop on a video call to learn about the rules.

Ready, Set, Write!

The game master kicks of each round by selecting a category, such as “Worst. Vacation. Ever.” or “Fast food is maybe too fast now.” Players have 90 seconds to write prompts that respond to the category and submit their entry. Remember to get creative!

Vote for the Winner!

After the game master generate images, the real fun begins. Players discuss, debate, and finally decide on which image won the round. Don’t be bashful...the winner might be YOU!

Generate until you drop!

Prompt_ de Resistance is an open-ended game, with no fixed number of rounds or strict voting rules. Once the group decides to end the game, the overall winner is the player who won the most rounds.

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