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Experience the reliability of our 5 Rysen servers strategically located across the U.S.A. We take top priority in providing the best audio communications and user experience in our Network. Come Join Us Today!


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USA Network Coverage

Benefit from our extensive network coverage with servers strategically placed across the U.S.A.

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Rysen Server List

Host-IP: quadnet.ddns.net Port: 62031 Atlanta GA.

Host-IP: quadnet2.ddns.net Port: 62031 Ohio.

Host-IP: quadnet3.ddns.net Port: 62031 Oregon.

Host-IP: quadnet4.ddns.net Port: 62031 Dallas TX.

Host-IP: quadnet5.ddns.net Port: 62031 L.A. CA.

Connecting the world, one node at a time.

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