Handcrafted Woodwork with a Modern Twist

Discover the artistry of Rei de Paus, where tradition meets innovation in every unique and personalized piece. Experience the passion for woodworking and the inspiring journey of Gustavo Feijó, combining craftsmanship with a contemporary vision.

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Fresh wood garlic on wood

Wood Finishing

Apply high-quality finishes to enhance the natural beauty of wood and protect it from wear and tear.
brown and black metal tool

Cabinet Making

Design and build custom cabinets and storage solutions for your home or office.
We hung that art piece by Tekuma artist Lulu Zheng, and I particularly loved how Lulu combines architecture and organic forms. Even if it is in the background, her 3D elephant brings the focus of the viewer towards her work.

Furniture Repair

Fix and repair broken or damaged furniture to extend its lifespan and functionality.

Crafting unique and personalized wooden masterpieces.

Experience the artistry of Gustavo Feijó at Rei de Paus!

Connect with us and bring your vision to life.

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