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We facilitate solutions for homeowners in distress or in need of property management relief. We have a creative team with over 50 years' collective experience. Say goodbye to financial hurdles and red tape with our outside-the-box approach.

Our Services

The front of a house on a sunny summer day in Eastern Montana.

Foreclosure Assistance

Helping homeowners facing foreclosure navigate the process and find solutions.

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Vacant House Sales

Assisting in selling vacant houses quickly and efficiently.

This home is geothermal, super efficient, and modern. It is also available to book on Airbnb in the Salt Lake City area.

Distressed For Sale By Owner (FSBO) assistance

Supporting distressed homeowners selling their properties without a real estate agent. We have buyers at any level of engagement without going through banks

Probate Lawyer

Probate Limbo Relief

Providing guidance and assistance for properties in probate situations. Be relieved of contentions and property maintenance headaches.

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Apartment Management Solutions

Offering solutions for single and multi-family units in need of repair - or at any stage of need for Management relief in bookkeeping responsibilities or renter replacement.

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Relocation Guidance

If you just want to move to a different city or state, into larger or smaller quarters for any reason, we have nationwide access to housing data and can make recommendations according your personal interests. We may even be able to help with moving costs!

Turning distress into success, one home at a time!

Let us be your solution to property challenges!


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