Male mechanical engineer fits prosthetic limbs

Empowering Emotions After Amputation

Supporting mental health for amputees and prosthetic users through emotional wellness.

Mental Health Support Services

Watercolor painter

Creative Expression Therapy

Artistic activities and therapies to promote self-expression and emotional healing in a safe environment.

When this gets a million views, I'm going to print out the stats and give them to the owner of this home. Random DIY signs are one of my favorite things. Think about it...what sort of intense need are these people satisfying when they decide the only course of action is to make their own signs and put them on public display? What's the story here? Why did they decide to have these face the 7-11 gas station? In all seriousness, I'm sure someone working in a mental health or suicide prevention field can make use of this stock photo.

Peer Support Group Sessions

Safe and supportive group meetings for individuals to share experiences and connect with others in similar situations.

If you feel the desire to write a book, what would it be about?

Virtual Counseling Sessions

Online individual counseling sessions with professional therapists to address specific emotional needs and provide support.

Empowering amputees to embrace emotions and find strength within.

Join us on the journey to emotional well-being!

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