This photo was taken at a large event for a small town. A famous country artist set up a show in the middle of a cornfield in Central Illinois. This is how people in the country tailgated for the concert. Camping in a cornfield, bonfires, drinking, and of course fall decorations.

Welcome to Regroupement du loisir communautaire de Beauport

We are dedicated to supporting and enhancing community leisure activities in the Beauport district. Join us for a variety of events and courses, and experience the joy of leisure and socializing.

Our Services

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Community Event Planning

We specialize in organizing and coordinating community events, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for all participants.
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Funding Support

We provide assistance and guidance to community organizations in securing funding for their projects, ensuring the sustainability of their initiatives.
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Cultural Celebrations

Experience the rich cultural heritage of Beauport through our organized cultural celebrations, featuring traditional dinners, music, and performances.

Empowering Communities Through Leisure

Join us in making a difference today!


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