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Welcome to our educational consultancy website! We are dedicated to providing high-quality training programs designed to empower both students and teachers in their academic journey.

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Our Services

Student Programs

1. Training on self-learning skills and overall well-being

2. Tips on effective exam strategies

3. Long-term and short-term goal setting

4. Study Skills Development: Practical sessions focused on improving study habits, time management, and note-taking

5. Improving effective communication skills

6. Mental health awareness

7. Leadership development

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Teacher Programs

1. Professional Development Workshops: Tailored workshops to support teachers in refining their instructional techniques, classroom management skills, and curriculum development

2. Team-building

3. Stress-management and self-care

4. Awareness on NEP 2020

5. Art Integrated Learning and lesson plan

6. HPC for foundational stage

7. Updates on CBSE guidelines, including modules on SQAAF

Parent Programs

We provide customised awareness class aimed at parents of school students, some of which are:

Internet Safety: Educating parents about online risks, cyber-bullying, privacy settings, and monitoring children's online activities

Mental Health Awareness: Discussing signs of mental health issues in children, coping strategies, and where to seek help

Bullying Prevention: Providing strategies for identifying and addressing bullying behavior, both in-person and online

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