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Empathy Through Heartfelt Quotes

Explore meaningful quotes that resonate with the broken and sad, providing comfort and understanding.

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this is my story, my future

Mood Journaling Prompts

Guided prompts to facilitate journaling and reflection on emotions, promoting self-awareness and growth.

For a full size digital copy (6000x4000px RAW+JPG) of this file, or a high quality print, please contact me via instagram: @timothy.j.goedhart, or email:

That file would be free to use for any means except direct reselling (copywrite is included in metadata).

When using this free image online: please tag, credit and if you want, follow me on Instagram.

Empathy Counseling Sessions

One-on-one counseling sessions to provide support and understanding for those going through tough times.
Arty mess

Expressive Art Therapy

Therapeutic art sessions that encourage self-expression and emotional release through creative activities.

Mending hearts with words.

Find solace in our quotes!


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