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滅他 Zen Meditation in Sarasota

We meet every Sunday evening at 7 pm using the virtual app ZOOM. We have been meeting every Sunday night at 7 pm for the past 12 years to explore Zen Buddhism and zazen. We welcome anyone, on a drop-in, drop-out basis. Join us. Use this form to contact us.

This is us!

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Exploring Zen

Participate in thought-provoking discussions on Buddhist and Zen topics, exploring the wisdom of ancient teachings in a modern context.
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Our weekly meditation (zazen)

Experience the profound benefits of Zen meditation and cultivate inner peace and mindfulness in your daily life.
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Chant and evening gatha

Nothing is more powerful than when the group does it together, as one. Our chants and gathas (ending prayer) sends us off with a will to find our centers, together.

Embrace the present moment. Find your own center.

Begin your journey to mindfulness today!


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