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Investigation - Only 199$

Locating and providing information about missing individuals, whether it's related to runaways, abductions, or other circumstances. Examining cases of financial fraud, identity theft, or other deceptive practices to identify culprits and prevent further losses. Investigating suspicions of spousal or partner infidelity, often involving surveillance and gathering evidence for legal or personal purposes. Verifying and assessing insurance claims to determine their legitimacy, especially in cases of fraud.
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Surveillance - Only 199$

Surveillance services typically involve monitoring and observing individuals, locations, or activities to gather information. The scope of surveillance includes: Physical Surveillance: Observing subjects in person to track their movements, interactions, and activities discreetly. Electronic Surveillance: Using technology, such as cameras, GPS tracking, or other monitoring devices, to gather information remotely.Employee Surveillance: Monitoring employees to ensure workplace compliance, prevent theft.
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Background Checks - Only 199$

A background check involves a comprehensive investigation into an individual's history, providing valuable information for various purposes. The scope of a background check includes: Criminal History: Examining records to determine if an individual has a criminal background, including arrests, convictions, or pending charges. Employment Verification: Confirming an individual's work history, including past employers, positions held, and reasons for leaving.
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Undercover Operations - Only 299$

Undercover operations involve immersive, covert activities to gather information or evidence without revealing the true identity of the investigator. The scoop of undercover operations includes: 1. Infiltration: Blending into a targeted environment, group, or organization without arousing suspicion to gain insider information; & 2. Information Gathering: Covertly obtaining details about criminal activities, plans, or individuals involved in illicit actions.
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Risk Assessment- Only 199$

Risk assessment involves the systematic evaluation of potential risks and vulnerabilities within a given context. The scope of risk assessment includes: Identification of Risks: Recognizing and cataloging potential threats and hazards that could impact the objectives, operations, or assets of an individual, organization, or project. Risk Analysis: Evaluating the likelihood and potential impact of identified risks, considering both quantitative and qualitative factors.
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Cyber Investigations - Only 199$

Cyber investigation encompasses a variety of activities focused on examining and responding to digital threats and incidents. The scoop of cyber investigation includes: Malware Analysis: Studying malicious software to understand its behavior, origin, and potential impact on systems. Threat Intelligence: Gathering and analyzing information on current and emerging cyber threats to enhance proactive defense measures

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