KAWS x Uniqlo Pink BFF Tee with blue jeans. This is an example photo for how to present a product tee if this was an advertisement. Shot in Durham, NC using a Nikon D5300.

Revive Your Sneakers

Discover our professional sneaker cleaning services in Kraków, Poland. Choose from a variety of cleaning options and enjoy the convenience of home pickup and delivery or visit our store for a quick clean. Bring your sneakers back to life with Sneaker Cleaners.

Our Services

white and red nike athletic shoe

Deep Cleaning

Thoroughly clean and restore the original look of your sneakers with our deep cleaning service.
unpaired black and white Nike low-top sneaker

Sole Restoration

Revive worn out soles and bring back the comfort and grip to your sneakers.
unpaired teal Air Jordan 1 shoe

Color Restoration

Restore the vibrant colors of your sneakers and make them stand out from the crowd.

Clean sneakers, fresh vibes.

Step up your shoe game with our expert cleaning services!

Schedule a Sneaker Cleaning Session

Experience professional sneaker cleaning services tailored to your needs and bring your sneakers back to life.


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