"Elevate Your Music Experience with Sonik Alkemy"

Experience the art of Dj music performance tutoring with Ableton Live 12 and a variety of instruments, creating unique and immersive tracks. From Electroacoustic to Sound Healing instruments, live Dub Fx processing, and customised FX creations, we offer a diverse range of services tailored to your needs.

Our Services

Condenser microphone in a studio

Optimum Vocal Recording

Achieve top-quality vocal recordings with our professional setup and expertise.

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Ecstatic Dance Performance

Learn to create and deliver an unique experience by means of an immersive and lively musical DJ performance.

Lively Dj Music Performance Tutoring

Lively and Immersive music tutoring using Ableton Live 12 and a variety of digital and analogue instruments, vocal and Fx processors.

Headphones - Recording session - recording studio

Home Studio Sessions

Enjoy sessions at your residence or our home studio with top-notch audio equipment and acoustics.

Antique Singing Bowls set : Thadobati,  Jambati  & Void-Yoni. Meditation Singing Bowls

Electroacoustic and Sound Healing Instruments

Experience energetic and atmospheric vibes with our unique instruments for sound healing purposes.

a man with a rainbow hat holding a guitar

Live Dub Fx Processing

Engage in live Dub Fx processing to add dynamic effects and creativity to your music.

Creating Resonant Musical Magic with Ableton Live and Eclectic Instruments!

Let's elevate your music journey together!

Elevate Your Music Experience with Sonik Alkemy Personalized Dj Music Performance Tutoring

Schedule a session to bring your music vision to life.


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