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The Puls Play Welder is manufacturer of spot and projection, butt & seam welding control panels in Ludhiana, Punjab. Our all panels are with 7-segment display & are micro-controller based. The timer and current control is phase synchronized.

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Projection Welding Machine Control Panels

DS310 Spot / Projection Welding Panel

DS310 is higher model for general purpose spot and projection welding machines with counter for each program and 10x weld time configurable and thermostat connections for over-temperature safety.


Supply :- 415 Volt +10% -15%, 50/60 Hz

Programs :- 10 Memories for Timers, Current and Counter.

Counter :- 5 Digit, Separate for each program.

Timers :- 4 Timers. Squeeze, weld, hold and off timers.

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Control Panel Design Consultation

Expert consultation on designing control panels for welding machines

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Spot Welding Machine Control Panels

DS324 Easy Operate, Spot / Projection Welding Controller

The DS324 is simplest and easy operate spot welding and projection welding controller with digital parameter setting. The squeeze, weld, hold timer and weld-current value is directly settable by their ideal tactile switches. All set parameters are retain in memory. The inbuilt firing circuit gives hassle free quick installation.

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