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Experience the Music and Musings

Discover the captivating melodies and insightful writings of John E. Stephens, a talented musician with a unique style. Whether you're looking for live performances or engaging literary works, John offers a professional and entertaining experience. Explore his world of music and musings today!

Services We Offer

ALASU in his home studio, mixing a song using Techivation T-De-Esser Pro.

Songwriting Collaboration

Collaborate with John E. Stephens to create heartfelt and memorable songs that reflect your emotions, stories, and experiences.
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Live Music Performances

Singer/songwriter John E. Stephens performs classic folk and light rock, gospel, country, and Celtic. His velvet voice is sure to please. He's available for concerts, worship, care homes, outdoor markets, weddings, hospice, and funerals.
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Audio Restoration

Clean up your old vinyl records and tapes into professionally produced albums with the expertise of John E. Stephens. Also produces audio books to meet Audible's stringent requirements.
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Voice Lessons

Learn sing and enhance your musical skills with personalized music lessons from John E. Stephens, a skilled and patient instructor.
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Music Composition

Get original and customized music compositions for your special events, films, commercials, or projects, tailored to your specific needs and preferences.
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Proof Reading and Editing

John E. Stephens is a published author of "The Theology of a Truck Driver" and several children's books. He is happy to help bring your writing to the next level.

Embrace the melody of life.

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