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Experience the Artistry of Steve Brock

Discover the captivating talents of Steve Brock, a multi-talented artist excelling in film acting, stage performances, and soul-stirring music. Explore his impressive portfolio, listen to his heartfelt songs, and get in touch for casting opportunities and more.

Services Offered

Musical toys and noise makers


Creative songwriting services, crafting original songs with meaningful messages.
A stage picture portrayal of a girl oppressed by her family's educational system

Stage Acting

Engaging stage acting services, delivering captivating performances in theatrical productions.
A snap shot from our film set while producing a documentary series for the Holocaust Center for Humanities. Here we are interviewing a local high school about their experience with some of the Center’s teaching materials.

Film Acting

Professional film acting services, with experience in producing and performing in award-winning films.

Unleash your creativity and captivate the world with your talent!

Discover the magic of my music and experience my compelling performances!

Connect with me to explore the possibilities of working together on your next project.

Let's collaborate and bring your vision to life.


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