Techivation T-Compressor at the studio of (Benji) ALASU

Unlock Your Musical Potential

Experience the magic of J-pop and dance music with Studio TORION. As a music producer, composer, arranger, and bass player, I have been creating captivating melodies and grooves for years. Whether you need a catchy J-pop tune or an energetic dance track, I've got you covered. Contact me today to discuss your project and let's create something amazing together.

Our Services

BEN JACQUIER working in his studio, using the Techivation T-De-Esser plugin.

Web-based Music Services

Through our website, we provide affordable music production services, allowing clients to easily access our expertise and collaborate on their musical projects.
Young music producer in home studio at night

Music Production

We specialize in composing and arranging music in J-pop style, as well as various genres of dance music such as trance, house, and bass music.
Shark, Glitter, & Rock ‘n’ Roll

Bass Playing

As professional bass players, we offer our expertise to enhance the rhythm and groove of your music, adding depth and character to your compositions.


Satoshi Iwakura

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