My custom workspace which I designed, built and wired in 2017. From here I perform most of my personal tasks: writing articles, code, hacking or doing something equally spectacular. A custom passively cooled quad core Hackintosh runs smooth and remains whisper quiet, DIY monitor backlight keeps the eye strain from late night sprints at bay, a custom built DAC combined with either monitors or headphones fills the space with wondrous vibes. The mini-galaxy bulbs enclosed in terrariums symbolize “self” as being part of something grand, something bigger than life, urging one to do great things…

Innovative IT Solutions for Social Good

Welcome to Sunkite Consulting, your trusted partner for cutting-edge technology solutions. With our highly knowledgeable team and commitment to excellent customer service, we help organizations implement innovative IT solutions that drive social impact. Discover how we can transform your business today!

Our Services

Hacker binary attack code. Made with Canon 5d Mark III and analog vintage lens, Leica APO Macro Elmarit-R 2.8 100mm (Year: 1993)

IT Consulting

Our expert consultants provide strategic guidance and advice on leveraging technology to optimize your business processes and achieve your goals.
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IT Support

Our dedicated IT support team provides timely assistance and resolves technical issues to ensure smooth operations and minimize downtime for your business.
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We implement robust cybersecurity measures to protect your sensitive data, systems, and networks from cyber threats and ensure business continuity.

Unlocking the potential of software.

Let us transform your business today!


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