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Safetech Business Solutions is a leading computer training institute based in Boisar, Maharashtra. We offer comprehensive computer literacy courses for students of all ages and backgrounds. Specializing in Microsoft Excel, TallyPrime, Python programming, and data analytics with Power BI, our courses are designed to provide practical knowledge and hands-on experience. Join us and enhance your computer skills today!

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Certificate in Office Automation

We offer computer training programs for students of all ages and backgrounds, helping them gain essential computer literacy skills.
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Excel for Commerce

Our Excel training program is designed to enhance your spreadsheet skills and empower you to efficiently analyze data and create impactful reports.
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Tally Accounting Software Training

Learn TallyPrime, the leading accounting software, from our experienced trainers and become proficient in managing financial transactions and generating reports.
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Python Programming Training

Join our Python programming course and acquire the skills to develop applications, automate tasks, and solve complex problems using this versatile language.
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Data Analytics with Power BI

Discover the power of data analytics with Power BI as we guide you through the process of extracting valuable insights and creating interactive visualizations.
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Customized Training Programs

We also offer customized training programs tailored to your specific needs, ensuring that you acquire the skills required to excel in your desired field.

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