My friend Mo was fighting so he invited me to come along.  I took this picture of his coach and him in-between rounds.  Mo ended up winning the fight in a unanimous decision by the referee.

Empowering Skills, Transforming Lives

Join us for expert training in JCB Dozers, Car License, plumbing, and more. Government-affiliated programs held regularly in Dang, Nepal.

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Natural Equipment Training

Training sessions on using natural equipment for various applications and industries.

Car Training-Licence Affiliated

Comprehensive training for obtaining a driver's license with practical driving skills.

Government Affiliated Events

Regularly scheduled events in collaboration with the government for skill development and education.

Empowering lives through skills training. Join us for excellence!

Discover your potential with us today!

Connect with us to schedule your training session with industry experts!

Start your journey towards mastering JCB DOZERS and Car training-Licence with our experienced team.


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