Plastic pollution and juvenile fish.

Empowering Communities, Driving Innovation

Join us in the fight against climate change and be a part of the Tarwar movement. Together, we can create a future of clean air, thriving ecosystems, and sustainable living.

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Community-Driven Environmental Initiatives

We fund and support community-driven environmental initiatives to empower local communities in their sustainability efforts.
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Tarwar Token

The Tarwar token provides access to our community, exclusive initiatives, and the power to shape the project's future through the DAO.
This is probably my favorite of my drone photos. Here’s the process: Step 1: Bring a drone. Step 2: Throw on a CPL filter. Step 3: Make sure no one is looking.

If you need a stock photo of a dam, here's one taken with my drone over the Detroit Dam in Oregon. Or if you just like cool aerial photos, it works for that as well. This gravity dam is about 450 feet high.

Renewable Energy Support

We support renewable energy projects and advocate for their adoption to reduce reliance on fossil fuels.

Empowering communities, driving innovation, rewriting the narrative of climate change.

Join us in creating a sustainable future. Together, we can make a difference!

Join the movement for a sustainable future.

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