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TBS GROUP is your reliable partner in import, export, and logistics services based in Ha Noi, Viet Nam. Let us handle your transportation needs efficiently and securely.

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After a long day walking around Manhattan, I decided that my last stop from this trip would be the World Trade Center Observatory. The view was amazing and THAT light, gosh, that light was a like a fresh breeze  of inspiration. I sat in a corner, with my camera, and just observed the light interacting with people walking by for a few minutes. Pretty good spot to get by.

Import and Export Services

Efficient import and export solutions for your business needs.
Automated Guided Vehicles carrying containers at Port of Rotterdam

Freight Forwarding

Reliable and efficient freight forwarding services for your shipments.
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Safe and secure warehousing facilities for your goods.

Connecting the world through seamless logistics.

Let's transport your dreams!


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