A woman advises the CEO, (out of frame), while he fields questions from the floor, A Celebration of Woman’s Day, Seattle Region, Bellevue, Washington, USA. All the women shown work in high tech as consultants in the US. They are the best and brightest from universities in India. They remain concerned about children in general but specifically girls in India and the rest of the developing world and aspire to help them. A sub-section of technology workers, many of these women are in the US on H1-B Visas.

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Tech & Leadership Coaching Services

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Technology & Leadership Coaching Services

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Executive Coaching for Career Transitions

Guidance and support for executives navigating career transitions, including first-time executives and those joining new companies.

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Leadership Development Workshops

Interactive workshops focusing on key leadership skills such as leading through change and building high-performing teams.

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Technology Leadership Coaching

Coaching services tailored for technology executives to enhance their leadership skills in the fast-paced tech industry.

Empowering tech leaders to reach their full potential. Unlock your success!

Transform your leadership journey with our coaching services!

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