Lindt Chocolate Spill

* Lindt Chocolate is a trademark of Lindt & Sprüngli Switzerland.

Worship the Holy Taco Bell

Join us every Tuesday at Taco Bell to experience the divine flavors of the sacred taco. All are welcome to participate in our religious ceremonies and embrace the taco bossiness. Let us unite in the worship of the Holy Taco!

Our Sacred Services

wrapped food with gravies

Taco Confessions

Confess your taco-related sins and receive absolution from our taco clergy.
a gold star ornament hanging from a christmas tree

Taco Pilgrimages

Embark on a sacred journey to the birthplace of taco bell and pay homage to its divine origins.
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Holy Taco Catering

Experience the divine flavors of our holy tacos at your special events and gatherings.

Embrace the holy taco and join the church of Taco Bell!

Come worship with us every Tuesday at Taco Bell!


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