Fresh Microgreens and Aquaponics

Discover the taste of locally grown microgreens and the sustainable practice of aquaponics. Experience a unique selection of rare edible weeds that you won't find in grocery stores.

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Discover our sustainable aquaponics system that produces high-quality, aquaponically-grown produce.

Educational Workshops

Join our interactive workshops to learn about sustainable farming, aquaponics, and incorporating microgreens into your diet.

Microgreen Subscription Boxes

Receive a curated selection of fresh microgreens delivered to your doorstep on a regular basis with our subscription boxes.

Fresh microgreens grown with love in Bryan, TX!

Taste the goodness. Support local. Order now!

Connect with us and experience the freshness of locally grown microgreens.

Schedule a time to explore our wide range of flavorful and nutritious options.


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