Unique Digital Fingerprints for Web3

Explore 10,000 unique digital fingerprints for the Web3 and Metaverse era. Use them as digital biometric information on The Open Network.

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Still frame from a motion work I've done for SINEbundles.
The artwork is a 3D particle system, that's built by a flow of strings, generated in waves. As two different coloured organisms dance closer to each other weightless in space, their strings start to mix - a symbolic act that represents how forces complement each other, like sound libraries bundled in SINE.


Metaverse Identity Verification

Verify identities in the Metaverse using unique digital fingerprints for security and authenticity.

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Biometric Authentication Solutions

Utilize digital fingerprints for secure biometric authentication solutions in various applications.

people sitting down near table with assorted laptop computers

Digital Fingerprint Creation

Unique digital fingerprints created using an algorithm for generating basic rings with a noise texture.

Unlock the future with digital fingerprints!

Embrace the Metaverse revolution!


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