Creating Marvellous Bollocks in Liverpool

Welcome to Twat Inc, where we produce the most marvellous bollocks in Liverpool. Our fresh outta oven, lovely and jovial, holy and beautiful creations will leave you in awe. Join us on this delightful journey and experience the magic of our services.

Our Services

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Bollocks Party Platters

Make your parties unforgettable with our assortment of bollocks, perfect for sharing and indulging.
One year I perhaps went a bit “extra” on the holiday secret Santa gift wrapping. I don’t regret anything. As it turns out butcher paper and twine make absolutely perfect gift wrap with the right adjustments.

Bollocks Gift Baskets

Surprise your loved ones with our specially curated gift baskets filled with a variety of bollocks.
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Bollocks Wholesale

Partner with us to stock your business with our high-quality bollocks, crafted with passion and expertise.

Creating marvelous bollocks, fresh and lovely, in Liverpool.

Experience the joy of our delightful creations!


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