We are an innovative indoor and out of home media company that prides it self on providing strategic solutions and finest service in the industry.

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Gantry Signs

Our company is expert in installing gantry signs in different shapes and own various gantry signs across the city.

Billboards, Pole Sign & Mega Building Signs

We have extensive experience in building Mega Billboards and large building signs, therefore we own some of the most impressive locations for building signs and mega billboards across the country.

Scrolling Van

4 sided display, brighter display, syncronised movement, easy and robust machinery, upto 20 to 60 billboards in one truck, dedicated colour lines and also available in transportation module.

Fog Screen

Most unique and divine experience, one can walk through the fog screen while the digital images are on the fog screen without getting wet.

Outdoor LCD Display

Unique LED display which is an old technology, the LCD display is a unique product, it is weather prrof, shock proof and sunlight readable just like your home TV but indoor.

Unique & Mesmerizing Advertising Products

Scrolling Backlit | 3D Backlit Display | Digital Interactive Floor | Reflective Flex

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