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ViaEurope is a leading services business based in Amsterdam, specializing in logistics, customs clearance, and innovation in processes. We offer swift and careful handling of parcels, customs clearance and delivery across Europe, and technology-driven e-commerce logistics solutions. Partnering with major couriers and backed by automated back-end processes, we ensure fast Customs clearance and hassle-free handling. Experience seamless logistics with ViaEurope.

Our Services

Automated Guided Vehicles carrying containers at Port of Rotterdam

Logistics Solutions

Efficient and reliable logistics solutions for businesses of all sizes, ensuring swift and careful handling of parcels from origin to destination.
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Customs Clearance

Streamlined customs clearance services, leveraging our expertise and special agreements with Dutch Customs to ensure compliant declarations and hassle-free handling.
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Specialized e-Commerce Clearance

Fast processing and pre-clearance of e-commerce parcels through our special e-commerce clearance license (VENUE), facilitating smooth and efficient customs procedures.

Delivering innovation in logistics and customs clearance!

Let us take your business to new heights!

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