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Corporate and Awareness Training Programs

Educational programs to empower your team with the knowledge to identify and mitigate cyber risks.
High police presence in Lyon, France, during the 25th weekend of the yellow vests movement.

Police violence is at its highest since the 1950s. There is an extensive use of tear gas, sting-ball grenades and the LBDs ("defense ball launchers") against largely peaceful protesters. The policeman holds his hand on a LBD, shown on the left in the picture. The use of LBDs is very controversial, causing serious injuries.

As of now (May 5th), 292 persons claim to be seriously injured by rubber balls, 23 persons lost an eye, 5 a hand during protests (source: mediapart.fr, http://tiny.cc/6hd85y).

Incident Response Planning

Strategies and protocols to effectively respond to and recover from cyber incidents.

Data Recovery Solutions

Efficient recovery services to retrieve lost or corrupted data from various devices.

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